The Info Parents Love to Know

Our Parents Say It Best…

“To our lovely family members of YBRN on Abigail’s last day, We would like to thank you for all the care and love you have given her these past two years. YBRN was a second home to Abigail, didn’t feel like we were sending her to a nursery.

Every day we would hear from her what she learnt with so much of excitement whether it was drumming, ballet, having fun with experiments, learning how to colour, have fun with clay, allowing her to use her imagination and much such more… Thank you for the loving care you have shown to Abby, she will miss having the smiley’s on her hands.

Thank You for your love and care you have shown Abby, for making her feel very special and for being so wonderful and taking care of her from Kiwi class onwards. Thank you for teaching Abby Arabic, we were surprised when she started singing Arabic songs. Thank You for teaching Abby to do drumming, she loves showing us at home what she learnt.

Also for teaching Abby ballet, she loves her ballet class.  Lastly, Ms Bernadette, thank you so much for creating such an environment where parents especially mothers can leave their child in your able team’s hands.

Not all nurseries can do that today; it takes a lot of love and dedication to do what you do and that reflects in your team. We learnt a lot from the workshops done at YBRN. We know Abby leaves Yellow Brick Road Nursery with all the wonderful memories and now look forward to new adventures” !!!

That Beautiful ‘Feeling’
Our Nursery parents and visitors regularly compliment us on the cosy, homely and comfortable ‘feelings’ they experience when entering our Beautiful Minds Nurseries.
We believe the ‘magical experience’ in our settings is primarily due to the Nurseries being injected each day with masses of love and dedication from each of our beautiful Nursery staff.
We do have a flair for imagination when creating the specific learning environments in the classrooms, indoor play areas and outdoors in our Nursery Gardens.
We maximise each space carefully taking into consideration the learning and development of each beautiful, unique child.We keep as far away as possible from ‘plastic fantastic,’ pop up, push button toys – rather we source ‘open-ended’ play materials inspired by nature and everyday interesting items that encourage the children with their thought and problem solving.

Nursery Hours That Work With Our Dubai Lifestyles
Our Nursery day is from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm with an early start offered at 7:00 am and late finishing times of 5:00 pm and 6:00pm.

Licensed to care for Babiesecn-baby
Within our Nursery Baby Rooms., we care for young babies from 45 days onwards, our Registered General Nurses are responsible for the health and well-being of our babies and young children.

Here are just a few of our facilities that make us that extra special –Indoor Learning Facilities
Spacious and well-equipped age appropriate classrooms, separated into ‘areas of provision’ each with its own focus for learning and development.
Our classrooms are equipped with Promethean Interactive Learning Boards and computers which are connected to wireless internet.Art areas that inspire creativity and freedom to imagine. Bathrooms complete with child sized toilets and wash basins, perfect for toilet hygiene care and independence.
Designated Library and cosy Majlis seating areas. Dedicated baby rooms with dining room, sleeping room and separate ‘outdoor spaces’. Meal times are shared in our ‘boutique’ style Dining Rooms with emphasis on ‘respectful care’, encouraging independence, dining etiquette.

Outdoor Learning Facilities
Spacious and well equipped outdoor play areas, with soft play, bike tracks, climbing frames, sandpits, construction areas, tennis court (IVN), swimming pools and even giant teepees.
We even have our own homegrown’ organic vegetable gardens and the children love tending to these; the vegetables are the tastiest ever!

Health and Safety Facilities
24 Hours CCTV – Our cameras are strategically placed throughout the Nurseries plus we have 24 hour Security on duty personnel.Our external double gate systems have safety adult height latches along with digital security gate opening systems.
Our main security alarm system is also directly connected with the Dubai Civil Defense department.
Throughout the Nursery we have Plasma cluster air purifiers to remove airborne viruses and any other possible airborne hazards from the buildings.Our Nursery DHA Registered & Licensed Clinics are fully equipped with all necessary medical and emergency equipment and our Registered Nursery Nurses are DHA licensed.
We are also very proud of our zero waste scheme. Our recycling centres and ‘Bokashi’ compost systems allow us to keep our Nursery waste to a minimum.

Nursery Specialist Activities
We love to offer maximum best practice experiences for all our Nursery babies and children.
The children enjoy their Ballet and Kung Fu classes with professional extra-curricular outside registered providers.Plus, we have as part of our everyday Nursery Practice Meditation, Brain Gym, Drumming, Music and Movement.
Our Nursery Supervisors also teach the children Arabic and Mandarin as extra learning areas.

Biodegradable Cleaning Products
We are particular even to the microscopic level of everything and our daily use of biodegradable cleaning products within the Nursery vastly keeps the Nursery a safer environment.  As babies and children are always in close contact with ‘surfaces’ we believe we are obliged to be certain that all surfaces are free from dangerous and accumulative chemicals.

Mindfulness is Essential For Early Childhood Care and Education
Mindfulness is deliberately paying attention to things we would not usually  notice and becoming aware of our present moment, experience as it arises, non-judgmentally, and with kindness and compassion…    This is an integral part of our Nursery Daily Practice.

Teaching Your Children to be Emotionally Smart
Being emotionally intelligent is a high priority for our staff to encourage within each child.
The basis of being emotionally smart supports children towards their future success, to be confident leaders, secure in their minds, bodies and souls.

Partnership With Parents
We’re a team – Parents, children, Nursery and community – it takes a village to raise a child, and we love being a vital part of our village!
Parents are indeed their children’s first educators; learning starts in the home – we are here to support, encourage, guide and assist.