Curriculum & Our Professional Passion


Our Parents Say It Best…

 “When we first heard of Emerald City Nursery, we immediately pictured a Yellow Brick Road that chartered the long and enchanting journey that brought together a bunch of rather diverse companions in a quest for wisdom, love and courage; the sentiment was almost magical. I mean all other nurseries we’d looked at were named after a country, gardens and flowers or trees. The choice at face value wasn’t that hard to make.
      Over the years, three years with our daughter and now with our son, we have embarked on a long and colourful journey as parents, as children and more importantly as a family.
Just as the famous story goes, our journey has been met by interesting adventures, characters and milestones in the form of the teachers and assistants, who are constantly being developed and furthering themselves, the caretakers of the nursery Sharon & Elizabeth who have handheld us every step of the way, as first time parents, we fully took advantage of their knowledge and activities like drumming, Arabic, Ballet & Kung-Fu. Emerald City is an extension of our household; it has been a constant in providing a happy and safe environment for our children.
     We continue to be proud of Emerald City as it grows with its Pre-School Learning Alliance accreditation, we are only grateful to have another child who will benefit from this association.”

Alex & Shab Stumpf
Parents of Sara & Adam Stumpf

Baby Care (0 – 12 months)
Babies flourish in our loving and nurturing environment that encourages exploration and investigation through gentle play.Babies have different routines and their needs are immediate and ‘on demand’.
All our baby activities are specifically designed and created for each baby within our peaceful and stimulating baby room environment.
With mirrors, treasure baskets, soft play, quiet areas and lots of opportunities for sensory exploration, babies thrive as they begin their learning journey.

Your Babies Development…ecn-baby
Our Nursery babies enjoy playful interactions, including songs & rhymes to encourage self-confidence and self-awareness.
We engage babies in varied physical experiences, such as rolling, crawling and splashing, both indoors and outdoors.
We share the fun of discovery and value babies’ first speech.
Music, stories, and the expressive arts along with plenty of fresh air in the Nursery gardens combine to provide a typical and joyful Nursery ‘baby’ day.

Toddlers (12 – 30 months)
The toddler years are such a busy and wonderful time of life! Our toddler classrooms are always a hive of activity where our Nursery children are baking biscuits, stacking, sorting, getting messy or singing action rhymes – it’s all great fun.
The emphasis for toddlers is always ‘learning through play’ with toddler-initiated activities and learning environments they are facilitated and developed by the teachers.

Your Toddler’s Development…
ivn-children-runningOur focus in the toddler classrooms is for each child’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development, helping them to understand how to share, take turns and make friends.
We encourage self-confidence and self-awareness by making resources easily accessible at the child’s height, so they have the opportunity to make their safe choices.
We value and support the decisions toddlers make and always show appreciation for their efforts.
To promote your toddlers Communication and Language skills, we provide plenty of opportunities for them to chat with their friends and teachers about what they see, hear, think and feel.
We use puppets and props to encourage’ listening and response’ skills while singing or reading books.
Because we know that toddlers are naturally full of energy, we provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor play to aid your toddler’s Physical Development – whether it be running, jumping, hopping and skipping, to a treasure hunt in the garden or navigating an interesting obstacle course.

The Young Child (30 – 48 months)graduation-about-us
As with each of our daily Nursery values, our focus is always on preparing your children for ‘life’. Parents are often concerned about having their children ‘prepared’ and ‘ready’ for ‘big school’, however, we firmly believe ‘big school’ is just the next stage in your young child’s life and they will discover school when they are there.

We support you in preparing your child for life.
Our Nursery curriculum enables children to develop meaningful learning as we facilitate our planning around your child’s individual interests and strengths, and this allows them to make discoveries that relate to them specifically. This supports life skills such as critical thinking and self-confidence.

Our Nursery day is centred around the seven areas of learning outlined in the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). We continue to develop the ‘Prime Areas’ of Development which is the main focus for your toddler, and for your young child the focus shifts to following ‘Specific Areas’ of Learning:

  • Literacy – Reading and Writingsafie
  • Mathematics – Numbers and Shapes, Space and Measure
  • Understanding the World – People and Communities, the World and Technology
  • Expressive Arts & Design – Exploring, Using Media and Materials and Being Imaginative.

As children grow, the Prime areas will help them to develop their skills in these four Specific areas.
Each child has a range of activities devised to meet individual interests, with progress being continuously monitored and encouraged throughout their Nursery days.
While your children’s Nursery days are structured plenty of time is allocated for fun, free expression and play.
Children are encouraged to be independent in an open and playful environment, where they move around freely and interact with their peers.
Through independence and social responsibility your young children will be ready for their next adventures in life.

Our Beautiful Minds Nursery inclusion programme provided for the children, along with his or her peers to be an integral and valued ‘critical person’, as are all children within our Nursery settings.

We strongly believe in providing equal opportunities to all children irrespective of their ABILITIES or disABILITIES.  Our following the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum highlights the unique child.All the children’s individual needs are met, and we regularly discuss with parents to be sure that their child’s needs are cared for within our Nursery settings, their homes and within the community.

Our Nursery activities are planned to keep in mind the diverse needs and interests of each child. Our philosophy is of inclusion, and we believe inclusion concerns attitude as well as behaviour and daily practice. We believe in the uniqueness of each child and each child’s ability to learn and reach his or her potential; this is our inspiration behind the Learning Support Unit at Indigo Valley Nursery.ivn-children-playing-in-the-nursery-gardens

When necessary we recommend the children receive additional support in the form of individual sessions by a qualified Early Childhood Learning Support Coordinator.
Our Learning Support Coordinator liaises with the parents regarding their child’s admission with the Indigo Valley Nursery. An informal observation of the child along with a parental interview is required for the child to be enrolled with Indigo Valley. The criteria for enrollment is that we believe the child will receive admission into the ‘big’ school.
At Indigo Valley Nursery, Al Twar2, we have two kinds of Inclusion Programmes.

With the first inclusion programme the child along with his or her peers joins our Nursery classrooms. The children’s needs are met within the classroom environment, and for areas of specific learning the children will receive additional support in the form of individual sessions by the Learning Support Coordinator, a Special Needs Teacher or a professional outside provider.
The second inclusion programme is for children who may need extra preparation time within a specially designed class before they are integrated into the regular classroom.
This particular Nursery classroom is a preparation for the regular Nursery classrooms, so the children receive intensive individual sessions plus they also participate in small group activities.

Many of the Nursery rituals such as dining and the extra-curricular Nursery activities of Dancing, Kung Fu, Ballet and Drumming are enjoyed together with all the Nursery children who provide more joyful and fun interactive times with their Nursery peers.  The time the children spend together provides positive peer learning opportunities.

Our Nursery Children gain independence and inner strength through our loving, stable relationships and daily rituals and routines. Therefore, home, Nursery and community harmonising are always a top priority and a great benefit towards each child’s personal development.

Individualised Educational Programme (IEP)
All children have different needs with varying learning styles. When a child is enrolled with Indigo Valley Nursery Learning Support Unit we complete a detailed assessment to fully understand the child’s current level of functioning.
Based upon our understanding of the child’s unique early learning year’s requirements and our receiving vital parental information we develop each child’s Individualized Educational (Play) Programme (Plan). With this Programme the children achieve their objectives during each Nursery academic term, and a record of their daily performance is documented in our Nursery files.

Mobility and Movement Group
We offer an exclusively designed gross and fine motor programme for children who have physical challenges. The aim of this programme is to help children gain confidence with their body and to enhance their movements and coordination.

Home Visitemerald-city-nursery-children-visit-the-beach
Consistency across the environment for children with special needs is a vital link between the Nursery and the child’s home.
The objective behind the home visits is to help the children learn adaptive behaviours within his or her primary environment.
The Learning Support Coordinator develops each child’s specific home programme based primarily upon the information we
receive during home visits.  Children gain independence and inner strength through loving, stable relationships and daily routines,
therefore, home and Nursery harmonising are always a top priority and a great advantage towards each child’s development.
Indigo Valley Nursery cares for children with Down’s syndrome, Autism, Speech and Language Delays, ADHD and Cerebral Palsy.
Nursery Learning Support Unit personnel are qualified special needs teachers and our Beautiful Minds Nursery’s Professional
Development Programme provides ongoing training and education to all Nursery staff, so we are always up-to-date with the
latest understandings and practices of the Nursery special needs programmes.

Stevie Wonder once said, “We all have ABILITY – the difference is how we use it.”