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Beautiful Minds Nurseries
Our Parents Say It Best…

As a working mum, you want your children to be cherished by everyone around them… even when sometimes that might not be you. At Emerald City my children have spent their days surrounded by joy, laughter and love, and have become happy, confident little people who constantly surprise me with how bold and brave they are becoming under the nurturing gaze of the EC team. I can’t thank them enough for the role they have played in making sure my girls have had the best start in life.
Katie Heskett

Our Nursery parents and visitors regularly compliment us on the cosy, homely and comfortable ‘feelings’ they experience when entering our Beautiful Minds Nurseries.Beautiful Minds Nurseries

We believe the ‘magical experience’ in our settings is primarily due to the Nurseries being injected each day with masses of love and dedication from each of our beautiful Nursery staff.

We do have a flair for imagination when creating the specific learning environments in the classrooms, indoor play areas and outdoors in our Nursery Gardens.
We maximise each space carefully taking into consideration the learning and development of each beautiful, unique child.

We keep as far away as possible from ‘plastic fantastic,’ pop up, push button toys – rather we source ‘open-ended’ play materials inspired by nature and everyday interesting items that encourage the children with their own thought and problem solving.

Yellow Brick Road
opened in April 2001 and since that first delightful day the Nursery has loved and cared for more than 2000 babies and children.  The Nursery has remained true to its original intentions of giving unconditional love and care for all babies and children within a gentle and unhurried environment.  Yes, the Nursery is still alittle bit country and we are so fortunate to have our large Nursery gardens where the children can freely explore and experience their very own free-range early childhood.

Emerald City opened in 2006, an incredibly beautiful Nursery providing an ethical, eco-friendly, organic and free-range early childhood careBeautiful Minds Nurseries and education.  The Nursery Managers Ms Elizabeth (Scotland) and Ms Sharon (New Zealand) joined the Nursery in 2006 and their personal dedication to upholding our Nursery philosophy is outstanding.  Emerald City Nursery is a boutique style Nursery and is an amazing experience even just to visit and pop in to say hello.

Crystal Valley and Indigo Valley opened their doors in 2010.  Crystal is located at the back area of Arabian Center, Al Mizher, an absolutely beautiful and elegant Nursery conveniently located within a major school catchment area, opportune for parents to drop off and pick up older siblings.

Indigo Valley is also located within a school catchment area at Al Twar 2, super easy to find as is nestled between four main arterial roads – Beirut, Al Quds, Al Nahda and Damascus Streets, is also very close to Dubai Airport Freezone.  Actually, with Indigo – there’s nothing of it’ kind – the entire complex was personally designed by Ms. Bernadette and is the most suitable early year’s setting known within our region.
Every child who has graduated from our four Nurseries has received a seat in ‘big school’; the reason for this is because we believe it is our duty to respectfully guide our children throughout their early years so they are ready for ‘life’.

We are not so keen on the phrase ‘getting children ready for big school’ rather we believe the first three years of each human being’s life is the foundation stage for their LIFE!!

So many of our past YBRN children and their families keep in touch with us and love sharing their growing and maturing years’ experiences on our Yellow Brick Road Nursery Alumni Facebook Page.  So many of our first Nursery children are now attending university!

We firmly believe that all children must receive for themselves TIME – so they can have their own time to imagine freely without hindrance emerald-city-nursery-fairy-gardenand prejudice, time to imagine what they choose to imagine!!  Time to imagine without the clutter of things, gadgets and devices. The best time to spend imagining is when spending time with nature!

It was Ms Bernadette’s own imagination that created our beautiful Nursery and Ms Bernadette often shares her very own early childhood visions of how she used to dream of constructing buildings and cities so people could live together happily.

Transparency is vital to the Nursery philosophy and the low partition walls and no ‘closed classrooms’ is essential to ethical and respectful early childhood care and education.  At all times all staff and others are accountable for their every action and the Nursery has a zero tolerance for anything less than the best.  Ms Bernadette has many times over the years acted upon her standing that – ‘when in doubt out’ – she will never compromise the safety, security and best wellbeing for the Nursery children entrusted in our care.

Design and CreationBeautiful Minds Nurseries
Each of the four Beautiful Minds Nurseries were personally designed by Ms Bernadette, her ability to imagine, create and initiate is remarkable and the designs of the Nurseries have continued to become benchmark Nursery designs.
Ms Bernadette was acutely aware of the required need for an Early Learning Support Unit, so when designing Indigo Valley Nursery, she combined the special area within the Nursery classroom settings.

Qualified Learning Support staff care for the children registered for the ELSU so the children receive all the necessary extra attention.







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We believe that children should have a childhood full of play and exploration, discovery and trust, creativity and love.